Monday, May 24, 2010

postheadericon Make Your Own Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer

I've been eyeballing and drooling over this jewelry organizer that my friend Kristel has from Longstem Productions for a few weeks now but I just can't justify $60 + $15 shipping for an organizer when I don't really have that much jewelry.

Well, the reason why I don't have that much jewelry is because I don't have a good organization system for them, and they get tangled and lost in the little pile that I do have. I really should have taken a before picture... but imagine a woven basket the size of a mixing bowl and a pile of jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) all thrown in together in a jumbled mess. Yup, that was my jewelry pile. Kinda' hard to believe that I organize my makeup by brand and color family and yet my jewelry is a mess.

Anyhoot, being the cheapy person that I am, I aimed to make my own organizer that was functional for me, and the below is what I made!!

Total Cost: just under $12... all supplies from Wal-Mart
Total Time: about an hour
Other tools needed: just a hammer

Materials are:
- 11"x14" wooden frame - $5
- one sheet of plastic craft canvas (click for example) - $1.97 for 6 pack at Wal-Mart (I'd like to add that the size I bought at Wal-Mart fit the inside of the wooden frame perfectly.)
- picture hanging kit - $.97
- 2 packages of small mug hooks - $.97 each
- the photo below has wood screws that I didn't end up using
- skinny ribbon in your favorite color - $.49

First step was to remove the picture frame backing and the glass, since I didn't need any of it. I aligned the plastic canvas inside the frame and used ribbon to form "hinges" at the top and corners of the organizer. This is where the skinny ribbon is a must since you have to weave it through the canvas. The reason I wanted the canvas to be able to "swing" out when mounted on the wall is so that I can place studded earrings on the canvas and be able to swing it out to store it and remove it.

I used these "cup hooks" that you can find in the hardware section (they come in nickel, zinc, brass, and white) as the hooks to hang the jewelry. I placed them around the frame. The bottom ones are for necklaces. The lower side ones are for bracelets, and the top ones are for rings. I would hold the hook in place and gently hammer it into the frame and then I manually screwed the hooks in the rest of the way. It would probably have gone a lot faster if I simply used a drill.

Follow the instructions on the picture hanging kit and attach it to the back of the frame. I used the wiring in the kit as well as used ribbon to slightly cover it.

Add your jewelry and viola!!! I put it on the wall next to my very messy vanity. See, told ya' I really didn't have a lot of jewelry, but hopefully that'll change now! It would only cost me $7 more to make another organizer (frame and cup hooks)!!

And see how the plastic canvas swings out to access the back of it for studded earrings?

Hope you all enjoyed my little "how to make your own wall mount jewelry organizer." If you make your own, I would love to see/hear about any modifications you did to yours, etc!


Shayne A said...

Kim I love this!!! It is a perfect idea! I am going to try & make one and let you know how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO doing this. What a great idea!

Kim said...

Thanks gals! It's super cheap and does the job! What more could I ask for?

Anonymous said...

I love your idea, I am going to make one this weekend!
I will keep you posted!!!

wall mount organizer said...

I love this! It's a very orginal idea! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so liking this idea thanks :)

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